Summary of our Board Meeting on 03 May 2019

Dear members,

Summer traffic is approaching fast now, please have a look at what has been discussed:

  • We are still very busy with the OSM project. Mainly the night part is giving us a lot of work, since the project lead has changed recently and it takes our constant effort to stay involved. There has been simulations recently, to which EGATS was not invited and in which single man sector operations was simulated, which is not any option for MUAC. This point has been clarified with management as well. Now the focus is again to study the feasibility of different options, which might deliver a saving in the nights shift staffing.
  • ERM 2020: EGATS will run to organize the IFATCA European Regional Meeting 2020 in Maastricht. Currently we are planning for a meeting from 07.10-09.10. Of course we can use any help for this event, so should you be available and willing to help, please contact any board member.
  • The 2019 summer initiative was better prepared than last year. However the reduction in traffic feels overdone at this stage.

For any questions and suggestions don’t hesitate to ask us or contact us via email.


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