EGATS Photo Competetion 2022 GOLDEN

50th anniversary revamp of the annual EGATS Photo Competition

The disruption that the pandemic brought into our lives over the past two years also took a toll on our beloved photo competition. As things begin to stabilise, and we start to return to the new normal, we thought it would be a good time to announce our new and revamped photo competition under the proud sponsorship of EGATS.

The theme for this year is connected to the theme of MUAC’s own celebration. Given that a 50th anniversary is also referred as a golden anniversary, the organisers of the competition have chosen the following theme:


Unleash your hidden potential, and snap away with your cell phones, compact cameras, DSLRs, or film cameras. Use whatever you have handy; get a shot of whatever you deem worthy of a photo and fits into your definition of “Golden”. Send us (up to) three of your original submissions from the previous 12 months and wait for the results!

Valuable prizes will be offered to the winners after the competition closes on 1 November 2022.

The 2022 EGATS Photo Competition is open to all EUROCONTROL current and retired staff members and their direct family members.

On a side note, the organisers would like to thank Paul J. Hooper and Frits Jacobs for their dedication and drive throughout the years and for making the EGATS Photo Competition an event that we have all enjoyed participating in. We are proud to take on the challenge and engage with our community, in order to bring the event to an even broader audience.

Igor and Wim

P.S. As we are in the process of revamping the competition, and among other things reorganising the repository of photos sent in, please stand by till the next communication, when we’ll give you more details on where to send in your photos as well as the updated rules for the competition.