Summary of our Board Meeting on 08 June 2018

Here is a summary of what has been discussed:

  • OSM-Multi-Sector-Planner: A second simulation was conducted in May having one PC for Holstein and Jever sector. We are waiting for the report, however remain very sceptical for multiple reasons. Taking away another buffer in our already busy and unpredictable environment, loss of the 4-eye-principle, loss of monitoring of the FQ by the planner are critical points that make MSP less safe than a team of EC and PC. The only reason for this project in our eyes is the shortage of staff.
  • We discussed our experience so far with the 4EC-initiative and agreed that the briefing was too late and too general. The flyer was not saying anything. It seems to us that MUAC underestimated the scale of the 4EC-initiative. For next year it needs to be clear that the ATCOs working at the sharp end have all the information needed to understand the measures taken and how to apply them correctly. As well a greater understanding of the measures would in our eyes lead to a greater acceptability. The early involvement of side-trackers already at the workshops with the other centres would make things smoother and could lead to a better result for MUAC and our customers.
  • In all 4 sector groups there is more and more pressure due to lack of staff. We will do our best to make sure the current rules for planning staff, breaks and  opening and closing sectors are taken into account at all times.
  • We will contact the staff association to contact a German corporate benefit site to make the deals available for MUAC staff.

For any questions and suggestions don’t hesitate to ask us or contact us via email.


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