Summary of our Board Meeting on 05 March 2018

Here is a summary of what has been discussed:

  • Alessandro Mercati is confirmed by the board to take over the presidency from Raf Vigorita.
  • Sascha Martin, Viktor Koren and Adrian Stefan will be the 3 INREP trustees, after Kris Scicluna and Alessandro Mercati stepped down.
  • Most of the meeting time was used for a presentation by Robert Parys, Gareth Lawton and Herbert Koppe about OSM, especially the possibilities to make night shift staffing more effective.
    Four options are discussed:

    • Current roster and Planning rules, but reduce the staff for the night shift from 4 to 3 ATCOs per SG
    • Combine all three SGs to one MUAC sector
    • Spin-off from option 2. Collapse the DECO SG and HAN SG to one sector and keep the BRU SG as a standalone sector
    • Single man operation. Three ATCOs (one per SG) sit next to each other and they work their AOR on their own.

On all four options, the night is worked with only 3 ATCOs per SG. EGATS has reservations against all 4 options and insists on keeping the 4-eye-principle. Simulations on option 3 and 4 are planned for Q1/2019.
The current night-rostering has proved to work well for over 10 years and the board sees no option to reduce the staffing during night further without any safety implications or taking a huge risk to close the airspace for at least part of the night.For MSP the project group foresees the necessity for a lot of technical changes before they will plan a second round of simulations.

For any questions and suggestions don’t hesitate to ask us or contact us via email.


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