Minutes EGATS Annual General Meeting 2023

  1. Opening – President’s Welcome
    MR opens the AGM at 16:00 and welcomes the audience.
  2. Reports
    2.1. President’s Message
    Nothing to add in addition to the report in the booklet.
    2.2. Executive Secretary
    Nothing to add in addition to the report in the booklet.
    2.3. Treasurer
    2.3.1. Overview 2022
    The books are looking good.
    More details can be found in the booklet.
    2.3.2. Audit Committee – Discharge of Treasurer for 2022
    Books were checked by Jörg SCHWARZ and Robert GUSTAFSSON.
    RL reads out the recommendation to discharge the treasurer.
    The treasurer is discharged unanimos.
    2.3.3. Budget 2023
    The budget for 2023 as indicated in the booklet is approved unanimous.
    As a side note: The budget for mission in 2024 will be increased by 3.000 €.
    2.4. Membership Secretary
    EGATS has 374 active members.
    This is amount is more or less the same amount of members than 2021.
    2.5. INREP
    4 INREPs have been processed 2022 and 2 have not been processed due to lack of data.
    Only if the complete header is filled in, we can process the INREP.
    We will launch a reminder via e-Brief about the INREP-procedure.
    2.6. Professional and Technical Work Items
    2.6.1. Optimized Sector Manning Project (OSM)
    In 2022 we managed to block a potential live trial in spring 2023. A RTS has taken place and the outcome will be briefed at a different stage.
    2.6.2. Training in EOS
    The restructuration of the EOS training is going on and an improvement will be seen from the next training group onwards.
    2.6.3. Roster Revision Team (RRT)
    EGATS managed to enable swaps before the de-confliction period again.
    EGATS contributed to the current roster and planning rules.
    2.6.4. Civil / Military Integration
    Still ongoing. Cross-training to SOG takes place and according to the current plan the staff of the SOG shall be covered by 45 ATCOs, who should obtain their 3rd unit endorsement in the SOG.
    2.6.5. Training Section
    More emphasis is put on the ATC-unit instructors.
    An internal re-structurization took place and the structural solution regarding the TRM and refresher training is questioned.
    EGATS will monitor this situation carefully.
    2.6.6. ANP
    MASERATI was implemented and the PIPAT-procedure was overlooked. An intermedial solution was found and a final solution will be established with the refresher campaign for the HAN ATCOs.
    2.6.7. ARGOS/FLOGOS/MUAC2030
    EGATS will monitor this project and will protect the EGATS members.
    2.6.8. Phoenix Project
    The architectural study has been finalized and the needed budget is calculated.
    This will be presented to the four states for approval.
    2.7. Corporate Deals Available for EGATS Members
  3. Election Executive Board 2023
    3.1. Approval of late (re-)applications
    No late (re-)applications have been received.
    3.2. Election Executive Board 2022
    VV, KK, VG, FD, JO and EF re-applied.
    JH applied as a new EB-Member
    VB did not re-apply.
    Therefor, 7 applications have been received for 8 vacant posts. No elections are needed and all applicants are (re-)elected.
  4. Election Audit Committee / Election Committee
    Election Committee: Inge VANDER EYKEN; Athina VELISSARIOU
    Audit Committee: Jörg Schwarz; Robert GUSTAFSSON
  5. Flight Department
    5.1. Update Flight Department
    The red folder shall be re-invented in the OPS-room.
    Ilia BOJILOV will get into contact with as many airlines as possible and we will send you an update on the available deals soon.
    5.2. Handover Chairman Flight Department
    Vincent LAEREMANS will hand over the flight department to Ilia BOJILOV.
    5.3. Cooperation with Maastricht-Aachen Airport
    The point has been taken off the agenda.
  6. Work items for the upcoming year
    6.1. Optimized Sector Manning
    RTS took place and EGATS position will be communicated.
    HFA and documentation will take place and EGATS will participate.
    6.2. Training in EOS
    6.3. ANP Support
    6.4. Civil / Military integration
    6.5. Phoenix Project
    6.6. Roster Revision Team
    6.7. Professional Behaviour Committee
    6.8. ARGOS/FLOGOS/MUAC2030
    EGATS will monitor and this projects and will invite the project managers to get a better understanding of the details of this project.
  7. AOB
    7.1. The draft minutes for 2022 are accepted unanimous.
  8. Closure
    MR closes the meeting at 17:00.