Minutes EGATS Annual General Meeting 2022

  1. Opening – President’s Welcome
    Alessandro MERCATI opens the AGM at 16:00 and welcomes the Members attending the AGM.
  2. Reports
    2.1. President’s Message
    No comments in addition to the booklet.
    2.2. Executive Secretary
    The minutes of the AGM 2021 are accepted without any comments.
    No comments in addition to the booklet.
    2.3. Professional and Technical Work Items
    2.3.1. Optimized Sector Manning Project (OSM)
    By the end of May, a report of the OSM shall be drafted and distributed by Robert PARYS.
    Alessandro MERCATI describes the different studies briefly and stresses again that he is happy that EGATS is part of the OSM team.
    2.3.2. Roster Revision Team (RRT)
    After the de-confliction it is visible on which sector an ATCO is rostered, if he has three licenses now.
    Swaps are only allowed after de-confliction and it will be put on the agenda for the next RRT.
    The Roster and Planning rules have been updated.
    2.3.3. Training Section
    3rd unit endorsement was the biggest topic (see 2.3.4.).
    2.3.4. 3rd Unit Endorsement
    Very cooperative meeting took place between EGATS and the Training Section. All comments, which have been put forward by EGATS have been taken on-board.
    All AB-INITIOS will have to train for a third unit endorsement.
    ATCOs will be chosen according to the medium term manpower planning and management will take advices from CAs and OJTI-Officers into account by distributing the ATCOs for the third endorsement.
    EF stresses that a preferences should at least be taken into account.
    2.3.5. ANP
    ANP is currently busy on several topics and big airspace changes (e.g. COBRA, HGT, MAASERATI). Some of the have been implemented already.
    2.3.6. ARGOS/FLOGOS/MUAC2030
    All projects are about automation. EGATS is in the loop and will monitor the process closely and provide feedback to the project team.
    2.3.7. INREP
    4 INREPs have been filed 2021.
    The INREP-Trustees encourage everyone to file an INREP, because issues can only be tackled, if they are identified.
    2.3.8. Phoenix Project
    EGATS will follow this project and due to legal issues, no meetings took place in last year.
    2.4. Treasurer Overview 2021
    The financial situation is good and the membership is stable.
    The automatic membership fee deduction is helping a lot and 2/3 of our membership is using it.
    Kay RABEL is encouraging all members to use it, since it makes his life much easier. Audit Committee – Discharge of Treasurer for 2021
    Audit Committee propose to discharge the Treasurer for 2021.
    The AGM discharged Kay RABEL for 2021 unanimously. Budget 2022
    The Budget 2022 is adjusted and since the IFACTA conference in Singapore is cancelled lower travel expenses are expected. Adaptation entry-fee / membership fee
    Suggestion of the Executive Board:
    Trainees (ATCOs, System Controllers and EOS) will join EGATS as a Candidate Member and only will become an ordinary member, once they receive their first licence.
    The AGM agrees to this suggestion unanimous.
  3. Election Executive Board 2022
    Alessandro MERCATI, Sascha MARTIN and Kay RABEL re-applied.
    Stig SANDVED applied and introduced himself.
    All application were received in time and since the same amount of places in the Executive Board are vacant as there were applicants, all applicants are elected automatically and the Executive Board extends to 11 members again.
  4. Election Audit Committee / Election Committee
    Audit Committee: Jörg SCHWARZ, and Robert GUSTAFSSON
    Election Committee: Antonio LANDI, Thomas HELMECKE
  5. Work items for the upcoming year
    5.1. 3rd unit endorsement / new AB-INITIO program
    Follow up, as soon as the official agreement is signed.
    5.2. Training in EOS
    Competency Assessors for Flow and EOS and PoCs for training related issues are established.
    The post of a Training Coordinator will be established, if it is approved.
    5.3. ANP Support
    5.4. Civil / Military integration
    5.5. Optimized Sector Manning
    5.6. Phoenix Project
    5.7. Roster Revision Team
    5.8. Professional Behaviour Committee
  6. Adjustment of Membership Fees for Candidate Members
    Proposal of the Executive Board:
    Candidate members will only pay the joining fee and are free of the monthly membership fee.
    The AGM agrees to the proposal unanimously.
  7. AOB
  8. Closure
    Alessandro MERCATI closes the meeting at 17:02.