Summary of our Board Meeting on 12 June 2019

Dear members,

Please have a look at what has been discussed:

  • OSM night: We sent an Email stating our opinion about the current state of the project and raising our questions and concerns. The feedback received was positive and management mostly shares our view. The project is still at an early stage and has to be seen more as a study, which we will continue to follow. For us the key points at this stage are that single-men-operation is from the table and having a commitment from management, that training for a MUAC night licence will be voluntary only, if this would be the outcome of the study.
  • What happened during this year’s IFATCA annual conference keeps us busy and we are still discussing possible actions. We will inform you in more detail about this in a separate publication, shortly.
  • We decided to lower the price for the leftover sweaters by 50% to only 10€. The money received by this will be donated to charity. So feel free to do something good and buy some more as well for your kids, friends, etc. ;o)

For any questions and suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask us or contact us via email.