Agenda for the EGATS AGM 2019, 03 April 2019 @ 17:30lt

1) Opening—President’s Welcome

2) Acceptance of the Draft Minutes AGM 2018

3) Reports:
a) President’s Message
b) Executive Secretary
c) Professional and Technical Work items
i) Optimized Sector Manning project (OSM)
ii) CSS 2.0
iii) Professional Behaviour Committee (PBC)
iv) Roster Revision Team (RRT)
v) Training section
d) Membership
f) Flight Department
g) Treasurer
h) Photo competition 2019

Overview 2018
Audit Committee—Discharge of Treasurer for 2018
Budget 2019

4) Approval to extend the board:

5) Elections EB 2019:

6) Election Audit Committee/Election Committee:

7) Work items for the upcoming year:
a) OSM
b) Military integration/harmonisation

8) AOB

9) Closing

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