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Vintage video: Maastricht UAC in 1995

A video made in the mid-90's showing how a flight from London to Berlin was processed and handled by MADAP - the Maastricht Data Processing and Display System. Developed on-site since the early seventies, it became what was probably the most advanced ATC system in world, still years ahead of what a lot of other providers are using today.

The screens were updated in 2002, when Maastricht UAC moved to a new Operations Room (video of that coming later). The paved the way to split MADAP into an ODS (Operator Input and Display System) and a dedicated FDFS (Flight Data Processing System, which was brought online in December 2008)

Vintage video: Maastricht UAC in 1972

In all the discussions about FABEC, Single European Sky etc, people tend to forget that these projects aren't really anything new: in the early 1970's, Maastricht UAC was established as the first of several cross-border centres. Fourty years later, it is still the only one. Despite to political indecision, jealousy and procrastination, Maastricht UAC has proven the concept works and works very well - proof can be found in all PRC reports produced over the years, including the last one.

But it's also nice to see colleagues that have long since retired or even passed away. Thanks to Raymonde and Josette for helping out here:

More video - in english!

MUAC Promotion video - It's the first and currently still truly cross-border international centre in Europe. Controllers come from more than 25 countries to work the airspace above FL245 over 4 countries (5 counting a small piece of France).

TV Valkenburg explores MUAC

Another MUAC video - a lot more recent, but in 'flat' limburgs this time, courtesy of TV Valkenburg (yes, apparently, there IS such a thing...) If anyone has a link to a subtitled version, let us know...

MUAC 1972

Very, very old video of the early days in MUAC - 1972. The commentary is in Dutch, but don't let that stop you. No building extensions, huge strip bays, suits and beards were fashionable. If you recognise anyone (yourself?) in the video, let us know...

Painting a B-747

Cool time-lapse video of a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 getting a new coat of paint...

Virgin Atlantic plane livery time-lapse movie from johnson banks on Vimeo.