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Draft Minutes Annual General Meeting 2011

The EGATS Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2011 was held on Wednesday 06 APR 2011 at 20:00 in the MUAC Canteen. The draft minutes from that meeting, attended by about 8 non-board members, can be found here.

Summary of our EGATS Board Meeting 04APR2011


Everything is planned and we are ready for the AGM.

Mistakes in new paper-license

The board will prepare a form and send it via e-link to the members asking for the document stating the correct dates.


We have done our part, now it is up to management to do theirs. We will surely remind them about it.

Conditional Endorsement

We will give a presentation at the AGM and hope to have a good discussion about it. The project manager will be invited as well.

Flight department

The newly appointed chairmen and the general manager are busy updating the red folder and as well adding everything to the EGATS forum.

Summary of our EGATS Board Meeting 08.02.2011


Preparation for the AGM are running smooth. We will order some caps to give away as presents and make posters to attract more members to attend.


The Bylaws need to be amended to reflect the new logo. This will be added to the agenda for the AGM.


We discussed the exemption that was granted by the regulator to allow ATCOs to give OJT on Holstein after one month only. The board is not very happy about this, as it could and did happen that ATCOs don‘t work a single minute on their own within that month. We will start discussions with OMT to find a better solution.

AGM Announcement (UPDATED)

The EGATS Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2011 will be held on

Wednesday 06 APR 2011 at 20:00

in the MUAC Canteen.

There will be vacancies for the board. If you're interested, a nomination form needs to be completed and returned to the EGATS locker or directly to Michael Ott Team H4. The completed form needs to be in by 25 FEB 2011. The form can be obtained from any board-member or can be downloaded here.

Summary of our EGATS Board Meeting 03.01.2011


The EGATS AGM will be on 06.04 at 20:00 in the MUAC canteen. We hope there will be at least as many members present as last year. Imoprtant topics will be CSS, FABEC and other workitems for 2011.


According to our info 3 sector supervisors will be continously planned until mid 2012. We are still very sceptical towards this project and talked to the project managers about our worries. We will continue to monitor.


The state agreement was signed and normally the social dialogue should start next. However there are some difficuties in MARC and as well with the FABEC governments, who seem to do their own thing without involving the unions. With the Spanish situation in the back of our minds, we have to be extremely careful and monitor each step. We have to be prepared for everything.

Summary EGATS Board Meeting 02NOV2010


We are participating in the safety case and in the FHA a long list of hazards was listed. This is normal for such a process. We will continue to critically follow the process and try to steer the CSS in the best possible direction. Even after we informed management about all the negative effects we fear the project could have, they still want to go ahead. Maybe TUEM can put more pressure, but we think it will not be possible to stop the project.


After a few letters management finally invited us to a meeting. Please read the joint communication at our notice board for more info. We will continue to follow the whole cross-training-process. In the future we will be invited to participate more and earlier in safety related projects.

Summary of our EGATS Board Meeting 25.08.2010


We are currently discussing our points of concern with management and have a meeting planned in September. One first result is the trial phase that started already in which the Hannover and Brussels sectors do not have to move anymore during the night. We plan to publish more information afterwards.


Generally the board is not against the project, however we have several serious concerns regarding how the cross training is done, and how the competency/license can be maintained. We will draft a letter of concern and hope to be invited by management to talk about these issues as well.


Some meetings are planned in the next days where we will be presented the new criteria for the new round of observations planned for this winter. Before every ATCO will receive a briefing about EUROSS.

More T-Shirts available

Due to popular demand we placed a second order for EGATS polos and T-shirts. They have just arrived and now we have black, white T-shirts and black, white and navy Polo shirts. If you are still interested write us an email or contact us directly. The prices have remained unchanged, T-shirts cost 5 and Polo shirts 10 euro.

Summer 2010 edition OUTPUT

The summer 2010 edition of OUTPUT, the semi-regular publication of EGATS, is out... Topics in this edition include: the 49th Annual Conference of IFATCA, the role of EGATS in IFATCA, EUROSS - Background & Method and Island Hopping with Travel Service.

You can access the magazine online (pdf file) here. Enjoy!

Summary EGATS Board Meeting 22.06.2010

Night licence: According to our information the project was stopped.

EUROSS: It will be one of the topics in our new FORUM. There will be a new phaseof observations starting at the end of this year with controllers this time. The results of the first round will be in the summer edition of the OUTPUT.

CSS/CNS: We had a very long and good discussion about the project and theconsequences. The board thinks very critically about it and decides to make it atopic in the FORUM as well. As well we plan to write a letter explaining our view/ concern.

The CONTROLLER magazine: We will start using the option of directly mailing thecopies to members in our outside station. For that we will try to find a contactperson in each.