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Summary of our Board Meeting on 02 May 2012

Composition of the board after the AGM

The board discussed who will take over which task during this term. The updated board composition can be found here.


Following the discussion on this topic on the AGM and the experiences made since then the board is really worried. Even almost two month after implementation it is far from running smooth. The board will start working on a letter of concern.


The deadline for articles for the summer edition is 01.06.12. All members are more than invited to contribute and hand their article to one of the board members.

Constitution and Bye-laws

Sascha will start working on an update of our constitution and Bye-laws to be voted on at the next AGM.

EGATS AGM - 23 APRIL 2012 - 20:00lcl

As advised earlier, the EGATS Annual General Meeting will be on April 23rd 2012, at 20:00 in the MUAC canteen. There will be free snacks and drinks and a surprise for every member attending. Members who can’t attend should fill in a proxy, which can be found at the back of the AGM2012 Booklet. Please note that anyone attending can only hold one (1) proxy of another member.

The booklet with the EB reports and the draft agenda can be downloaded as PDFs by clicking on the respective links.

Summary of our Board Meeting on 02 February 2012


The AGM will be on 23.04 at 20:00 in the MUAC canteen. There will be free snacks and drinks and a surprise for every member attending. If you would like to join the board, please hand in the signed form until 14.03.2012. For members, who can’t attend don’t forget to fill in a proxy.

Work items for 2012

The board decided to get involved in the following topics: Aging ATCO population, FABEC (MARC), Abinitio selection procedures. If you have any other suggestions feel free to approach us.


The board is working on a simplified and more user-friendly reporting form.


To our knowledge there are still 4 signatures of Eurocontrol member states missing. This is why the implementation might be delayed further.

Summary of our Board Meeting 09 January 2012


Our AGM will be on Monday April 23rd at 20:00lcl in the MUAC canteen. We hope many members will attend.


EGATS will monitor the study on the institutional future of MUAC. As well we will continue to follow the MOSAIC and MARC meetings.


The minutes from our last meeting are online. The hottest topics at the moment are the summer leave and the new guidelines for individual rosters.


Is up and running. However we still have a few ideas to improve the system and will pass them on to OMT.

Conditional Endorsement Project

EGATS continued to follow the project, however there are no news for the moment.

Photo Competition 2011 - Street Life

The results of the 8th EGATS Photo Competition are out. This year's theme was: 'Street Life'.

First and second prize went to Igor Jakimov. Third prize was for Chris Jeeves.

All the entries, including the winning ones can be seen in the online album here.

Membership Application

EGATS membership bestows the following entitlements:

New OUTPUT - Winter 2011

The new winter edition of the EGATS publication Output has been published.

Articles include:

  • A report on the 28th IFATCA European Regional Meeting in Dubrovnik
  • The Chico Foundation, a Charity initiative for Children in Orphanages
  • Supersonic Air-Transport, A Lost World
  • The Situation in Greece

The PDF version of the magazine can be found here.

Summary of Executive Board Meeting on 4 November 2011

Conditional Endorsement Project

EGATS continued to follow the project. Here are some news from the latest meeting: The Belgian authority stated that it is a B1 change and has to go to the 4 states NSA board before approval. It was argued that this should not be treated as an add-on to our licence, but rather be treated as a separate licence for a new sector. In the end management agreed to this and at least we gained some time, however it is still not from the table. For EGATS it is really unclear why management invests so much energy and money in this project and claims that it is for the ATCOs in the OPS room, when the whole OPS room is against it and never asked for a project like this. We would prefer to put this energy into the Aging-Controller-Workshop, which is planned for next year.

Summary of Executive Board Meeting on 1st September 2011

Conditional Endorsement Project

To stop the project is still one of our main working items. We approached EASA and they do support us, however our management is still pushing. We will approach IFATCA next and if necessary as well the Dutch CAA.


We are working to update the reporting form to make it more user-friendly. As well we want to make it available at the positions, to motivate people to use it.


The predictions are that we will work 210 gross duties in 2012 and 208 (final roster) in 2013. The worst staffed sector is still DECO. Therefore it might become necessary to cross-train 3 ATCOs from Hannover to Deco. EGATS proposed to raise the number of Hannover ATCOs to work the Holstein instead if possible.

Summary of Executive Board Meeting on 17th May 2011

Conditional Endorsement Project

After invitation Martin Schneider and Chris Jeeves joined us for a discussion about the project. Basically they want to give ATCOs under certain conditions a conditional license, which will enable them to work the combined sector (night configuration) ,even after giving up part of their rating. We had a lengthy discussion and were able to present some good arguments and worries against the project. They still want to push the project anyway, because they fear that when EASA gets involved, it will be much more difficult to get it approved. We will write a statement to make our arguments public, but if the regulator approves and the safety case is successful, it is almost impossible to stop it.

Multi sector planning

Fortunately this project seems to be dead. INREP: There was some reaction after our letter about just culture and there will be more on this subject in the summer output.