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AGM installs new Executive Board

During the Annual General Meeting, the EGATS membership elected two new members to serve on the Executive Board. Viktor Koren and Adrian Stefan replaced Ive Van Weddingen and Jerry Smith. The composition of the new Executive Board, as well as the new functions can be found here.

Summary of our Board Meeting on 06 February 2013


Our AGM is planned for 25.03 at 20:00 in D3.13/14. We hope many of you will join! 3rd geographical area/cross training concept In the recent past there have been multiple different un-organized approaches to this. Currently EGATS and Staff committee is working on a paper together with management laying down clear guidelines and procedures for cross-training. The bad communication and organization have put cross-training in a bad light and by introducing clarity by this document we hope to create a more positive attitude towards cross training. Cross training can be beneficial for the center and have a positive push to the career of the individual ATCO, however it needs to be planned properly and communicated very clearly.

Latest issue of OUTPUT (Winter 2012-2013)

Latest issue of OUTPUT can be found here.

Subjects in this issue include: Report on the IFATCA ERM; Preparing MUAC for a strong future; The Race; Criminalisation Of Aviation; EGATS Photo competition; A Classic with Winglets; CHICHO Foundation; EUROSS observation results 2012; MARC Letter to States; WCC - Salvador Bahia 2012; IFATCA is going social.

Previous issues can be found through the publications link in the menu or directly here.

AGM 2013 Announcement

The EGATS Annual General Meeting 2013 will be held on March 25th 2013, at 20:00h in the Maastricht UAC, room D3.13

Update 06MAR2013: the agenda, the reports and the proxy form can now be downloaded (as pdf). If you really cannot attend, make sure to provide a proxy to someone who can [each member can only have ONE proxy for another member].

For applications to join the Executive Board, the filled out “Nomination Form” has to be returned before 13.02.13 to the EGATS locker or directly to Michael Ott (Team H4). You can ask any board-member to get a nomination form, get it from the Winter 2013 edition of the Output, or download it here.

Summary of our Board Meeting on 10 December 2012

EGATS was informed that the TOPAS project has officially been stopped, however some of the ideas will be used in the ongoing re-organization of the training section. We will ask for EGATS to be involved in the re-organization.

We contacted management that more information needs to be provided on this topic and were informed that Ian Middleton is working on a letter to be send to the board. We will do some research as well on ICAO policies on this item. We will get back to that topic as soon as we have received the letter by our management.


Summary of our Board Meeting on 06/07 November 2012

This time we had a long list of agenda points that we couldn’t finish within the normal time and continued on the next day.

This is the summary of the two days:

Safety survey and its conduct: The board members feel that the conduct was not 100% confidential because people had to checkmark their name and were approached to fill it in, if their name was not yet marked. There is the suggestion to motivate people to fill in by attaching a lottery, where you can win something if you fill it in instead of marking names.

Bank Account Changes


Recently, our EGATS account has been transferred from ABN AMRO to Deutsche Bank.  This means the account now has a new IBAN and BIC code, even if the actual basic Dutch account number remains unchanged.

If you are paying your yearly membership fee manually, or via a standing order from your bank, please make sure the data is updated accordingly. Otherwise your transfer might not take place, and you risk having your membership terminated. 

For security reasons, we don't publish the account number here. Please contact the EGATS Treasurer using our contact form - make sure to select 'treasurer, finance, membership' in the category field.

Please make sure you make these changes asap.  Your yearly membership fee is currently still 55 €, and is expected to be paid during the month of January each year.

Summary Board Meeting - 03 September 2012

The total meeting lasted over 4 hours and the following topics were discussed:

Unit/Conditional Endorsement

On 1st October Bernhard and Ive will attend the PSSA. More updates will follow afterwards.


The biggest problem is that very often sectors are open with no traffic and then again you get an overload, because the staff is badly managed. Communication between CSS and staff is not improved. EGATS still feel that CSS is no improvement.


Ilia attended the last meeting. The plan is to have for each trainee one head-coach and a pool of 3-4 coaches. Each head-coach can be responsible only for one trainee. The idea is to save money like this, however so far TUEM was not involved to our knowledge.

CISM Annual Report

Below, you can find the annual report of the CISM peers. The value and importance of this program is recognised, both within the OPS room as outside. The report not only looks at the number of interventions, but indeed at ways of how it can be improved. For example, contacts with outside groups/experts could enhance the MUAC program.

You're encouraged to read the report. Any questions can be directed to Kirsteen Easdale, DECO Sectors.

EGATS Executive Board

Raffaele Vigorita
Team D3
Executive Secretary/OSM
Michael Ott
Team H4