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Due to Deutsche Bank's decision to end its relationship with many thousands of their customers, EGATS among them, we were forced late last year to look for a new banking partner. We have chosen to renew our relationship with ABN AMRO for a number of reasons. 

Unfortunately, this changeover will affect your financial transactions with EGATS, especially regarding payment of your membership fee. EGATS will have a new account number. For security reasons, we don't publish that account number here. Please contact the EGATS Treasurer using our contact form - make sure to select 'treasurer, finance, membership' in the category field. 

If you are using the incasso method of paying your yearly fee, which means you authorized us to transfer the money from your account ourselves, you need not do anything. We will continue to do so. 

Summary of our Board Meeting on 16 December 2013

Dear members,

Here is a summary of what has been discussed:

Improvement of E-brief

Our input was much appreciated and the board will continue to make suggestions how to improve certain briefing items.

Improvement of visibility vertical exits

With more and more airliners working with automated flight planning systems the number of vertical exits is raising as well. However those vertical exits are very hard to spot for the ATCOs, therefore EGATS will encourage improving the visibility of such vertical exits.

Board composition

Summary of our Board Meeting on 04 November 2013

Here is a summary of what has been discussed:

• Re-organization of training section: After a quiet summer there is some movement again. The Deco Training Officers drafted a proposal for a new concept, which is supported as well from training officers from the other sector groups. Now they wait for a reaction from management on the concept. Viktor Koren as Deco training officer is our EGATS representative following this process.

• Loss of Licence Scheme: EGATS is presently doing some research about a possible loss of licence scheme. Anybody having such an insurance privately or knows about any other provider offering it is very welcome to share her/his knowledge with us. Thanks!

Summary Board Meeting - 16 September 2013

Here is a summary of the items discussed during the last EGATS Executive Board meeting:

Re-organization of training section

More work is being done in the training section to fine-tune the concept for MUAC. The basis was the DFS training concept in Karlsruhe, which seems to be working very well and provides a high pass rate of students. TUEM is involved in the discussion as well., especially to talk about the financial aspects.


Due to Ralf Hoelscher going on pension Marinella Leone took over INREP from him. We will schedule a meeting with her to further improve the new INREP. One idea is to give quicker feedback online, instead of the slow Safety Mirror.

EGATS Report to IFATCA Regional Meeting


1.1.         Air Traffic Statistics (until Sept. 2013)

Traffic at MUAC compared to last year decreased in the period January-March by 1,5% while from April till September increased by 3,5% probably due to a change in the route charges in the neighbouring countries which made the companies file through our airspace again.

The busiest day ever in MUAC was the 5th of July with 5152 flights and the expectation for the total number of flights for this year will get close to 1.600.000 while the average delay till September was 0,10 minutes.

Summary of our Board Meeting on 11 June 2013

This was our first board meeting with Raf as new president. Here is a summary of what has been discussed:

•    We will initiate a meeting with TUEM and the Staff Committee to start a task force to draft a policy for Aging ATCOs. There was a brainstorming meeting with management about a year ago on this, but nothing has been done since.
•    The new INREP form is basically ready and should be available soon.
•    We will push to continue the work on the “guidelines for cross-training” document, since this was stopped as well some months ago.

EGATS Special General Meeting

As announced via e-link and notice boards some time ago, EGATS will hold a Special General Meeting on May 16th 2013, at 14:00 lcl at the Maastricht UAC. The meeting will take place in D1.47 and will focus on a number of changes to the consitution, which had to be deferred by the Annual General Meeting as the required quorum was not met.

The agenda for the meeting can be found here.

IFATCA 2013: EGATS Delegation Update #3

Committee A (B. Romanik)

The 3rd day started with the budget proposal, an item that normally takes some time, but as the EVP Finance had lost his voice, he pushed it thru just under 3 minutes. The directors didn't ask any questions and everything was nodded through! Thereafter EGATS had the chance to present its two papers. The first one called "Budget Transparency"; the other one called "Job Satisfaction of Representatives".

IFATCA 2013: EGATS Delegation Update #2

Committee A (B. Romanik)

We continued working our way through the agenda with the workprogramme of CAC (Constitutional Committee). First papers discussed were regarding observers and clossed sessions at conferences. Only minor changes to the existing bylaws were proposed and accepted. Still EGATS had to point out a discrepancy that appears because of this changes and requested CAC to align the positions as part of next years working program. The first interesting item was the report given by the Secretary General of ITF about the liasion with IFATCA, why it is so important and the problems that ETF - the European branch - has with IFATCA. He spoke as well about the London meeting, where all disagreements were cleared at first, but the peace treaty did not last.

IFATCA 2013: EGATS Delegation Update #1

Panel Discussion (M. OTT)

The topic of this year's IFATCA panel was: Will controllers/pilots be needed in the future (for this discussion in the next 20 years)? Four interesting guests, all with very different background, presented their view about the question, which was further discussed by the representatives afterwards. The conclusion of the discussion was that none of the speakers expects full automation to take over in the mentioned timeframe. However partly automation will play an increasing role in the coming years. Appropriate training is as important as the development of these tools.

A more detailed report on the topic will be in our next Output magazine.