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IFATCA 2013: EGATS Delegation Update #3

Committee A (B. Romanik)

The 3rd day started with the budget proposal, an item that normally takes some time, but as the EVP Finance had lost his voice, he pushed it thru just under 3 minutes. The directors didn't ask any questions and everything was nodded through! Thereafter EGATS had the chance to present its two papers. The first one called "Budget Transparency"; the other one called "Job Satisfaction of Representatives".

IFATCA 2013: EGATS Delegation Update #2

Committee A (B. Romanik)

We continued working our way through the agenda with the workprogramme of CAC (Constitutional Committee). First papers discussed were regarding observers and clossed sessions at conferences. Only minor changes to the existing bylaws were proposed and accepted. Still EGATS had to point out a discrepancy that appears because of this changes and requested CAC to align the positions as part of next years working program. The first interesting item was the report given by the Secretary General of ITF about the liasion with IFATCA, why it is so important and the problems that ETF - the European branch - has with IFATCA. He spoke as well about the London meeting, where all disagreements were cleared at first, but the peace treaty did not last.

IFATCA 2013: EGATS Delegation Update #1

Panel Discussion (M. OTT)

The topic of this year's IFATCA panel was: Will controllers/pilots be needed in the future (for this discussion in the next 20 years)? Four interesting guests, all with very different background, presented their view about the question, which was further discussed by the representatives afterwards. The conclusion of the discussion was that none of the speakers expects full automation to take over in the mentioned timeframe. However partly automation will play an increasing role in the coming years. Appropriate training is as important as the development of these tools.

A more detailed report on the topic will be in our next Output magazine.

Problems When Displaying TCAS RAs at Controller Working Positions

Displaying TCAS Resolution Advisory (RA) information from aircraft on a controller’s screen (or Controller Working Position - CWP) may seem to be useful information to assist controllers – however the information displayed may be wrong or outdated and therefore unsafe.

Read the IFATCA Safety Bulletin

International Day of the Air Traffic Controller - 20 OCTOBER 2008

Air traffic control has developed from the humblest beginnings into a highly sophisticated and technology dependent occupation. And even as we are on the cusp of an even more dramatic leap of new technologies, many people remain unaware of just what an air traffic controller does and few comprehend just what is involved in keeping aircraft safely apart, but close enough so that they get to their destinations as efficiently as possible.