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Summary of Executive Board Meeting on 4 November 2011

Conditional Endorsement Project

EGATS continued to follow the project. Here are some news from the latest meeting: The Belgian authority stated that it is a B1 change and has to go to the 4 states NSA board before approval. It was argued that this should not be treated as an add-on to our licence, but rather be treated as a separate licence for a new sector. In the end management agreed to this and at least we gained some time, however it is still not from the table. For EGATS it is really unclear why management invests so much energy and money in this project and claims that it is for the ATCOs in the OPS room, when the whole OPS room is against it and never asked for a project like this. We would prefer to put this energy into the Aging-Controller-Workshop, which is planned for next year.

Summary of Executive Board Meeting on 17th May 2011

Conditional Endorsement Project

After invitation Martin Schneider and Chris Jeeves joined us for a discussion about the project. Basically they want to give ATCOs under certain conditions a conditional license, which will enable them to work the combined sector (night configuration) ,even after giving up part of their rating. We had a lengthy discussion and were able to present some good arguments and worries against the project. They still want to push the project anyway, because they fear that when EASA gets involved, it will be much more difficult to get it approved. We will write a statement to make our arguments public, but if the regulator approves and the safety case is successful, it is almost impossible to stop it.

Multi sector planning

Fortunately this project seems to be dead. INREP: There was some reaction after our letter about just culture and there will be more on this subject in the summer output.

Summary of our EGATS Board Meeting 25.08.2010


We are currently discussing our points of concern with management and have a meeting planned in September. One first result is the trial phase that started already in which the Hannover and Brussels sectors do not have to move anymore during the night. We plan to publish more information afterwards.


Generally the board is not against the project, however we have several serious concerns regarding how the cross training is done, and how the competency/license can be maintained. We will draft a letter of concern and hope to be invited by management to talk about these issues as well.


Some meetings are planned in the next days where we will be presented the new criteria for the new round of observations planned for this winter. Before every ATCO will receive a briefing about EUROSS.

Common Statement EGATS-BGATC-TUEM

On the initiative of BGATC, EGATS and TUEM, operational staff from BELGOCONTROL and EUROCONTROL Maastricht UAC sat together recently in an informal setting to discuss operational related tensions, as well as problems associated to the development of FABEC.

The result of the meeting is a powerful common statement which you can read here (PDF file)

Summary EGATS Board Meeting 22.06.2010

Night licence: According to our information the project was stopped.

EUROSS: It will be one of the topics in our new FORUM. There will be a new phaseof observations starting at the end of this year with controllers this time. The results of the first round will be in the summer edition of the OUTPUT.

CSS/CNS: We had a very long and good discussion about the project and theconsequences. The board thinks very critically about it and decides to make it atopic in the FORUM as well. As well we plan to write a letter explaining our view/ concern.

The CONTROLLER magazine: We will start using the option of directly mailing thecopies to members in our outside station. For that we will try to find a contactperson in each.

In Memoriam - Bert Verstappen

The EGATS Executive Board regrets to inform you of the death of our good friend and colleague Bert Verstappen. Besides a very skilled air traffic controller, Bert was an experienced helicopter and glider pilot. He died in a glider crash in the Provence in the south of France.

Bert's sense of humour, common sense and dedication will be sadly missed in the operations division. On behalf of the EGATS members, the Executive Board wishes to extend their condolences to Bert's family and loved ones, especially his 2 young children.

Update: A funeral service will take place on Wednesday the 26th of May at 13:00 in the aula of the Funeral Centre Heselmans, Diesterstraat 56, 3890 Tessenderlo, Belgium.


Problems When Displaying TCAS RAs at Controller Working Positions

Displaying TCAS Resolution Advisory (RA) information from aircraft on a controller’s screen (or Controller Working Position - CWP) may seem to be useful information to assist controllers – however the information displayed may be wrong or outdated and therefore unsafe.

Read the IFATCA Safety Bulletin

Draft Minutes Annual General Meeting 2010

On monday 15th March 2010, the EGATS Annual General Meeting was held in Maastricht UAC. Attendance was, certainly compared to previous years, quite good. In a relaxed atmosphere, president Ive Van Weddingen opened the meeting which proceeded to discuss both Guild affairs as well as professional matters affecting the Eurocontrol staff.

You can read the draft minutes of the meeting here. If you have any comments, feel free to send them to the board using our contact sheet.

Summary of our EGATS Board Meeting 11.03.2010


According to the study done 12-5 was the best option especially regarding concentration. The EB is supporting this and promoting to allow 5 consecutive hours during night. However there seem to be further projects running behind our back. We have to find out more about this MUAC night licence and single man operation rumors to be able to react. Again the board is very disappointed that there seem to be such important professional matters discussed without involving EGATS.


We will ask Christiane to write a report about the results, which seem to be very interesting, for our next OUTPUT.

New licence

The board noticed that on our new licence all the issue dates for the ratings, that were issued before 20/08/2004 are incorrect. We will react on this and ask to correct this immediately.

Annual General Meeting 2010

For those who're planning to attend the EGATS Annual General Meeting, please find the draft agenda and the tradional booklet.