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EGATS Executive Board

Raffaele Vigorita
Team D3
Executive Secretary/OSM
Michael Ott
Team H4

Summary of our Board Meeting on 02 May 2012

Composition of the board after the AGM

The board discussed who will take over which task during this term. The updated board composition can be found here.


Following the discussion on this topic on the AGM and the experiences made since then the board is really worried. Even almost two month after implementation it is far from running smooth. The board will start working on a letter of concern.


The deadline for articles for the summer edition is 01.06.12. All members are more than invited to contribute and hand their article to one of the board members.

Constitution and Bye-laws

Sascha will start working on an update of our constitution and Bye-laws to be voted on at the next AGM.

MUAC History - The Book

Today, February 29th 2012, it will have been 40 years since the Maastricht UAC started operations. Appropriately, the transfer of control of the Belgian upper airspace from a room in Zaventem airport to a brand new centre near Maastricht, NL was done on a leap day: in many ways, not in the least for the staff, it was a leap. Maastricht would rapidly leap ahead of any other ATC centre in Europe and become the leading ATC provider. Thanks to a combination of advanced technology and highly motivated staff, Maastricht became and remains by far the centre with the highest controller productivity in Europe.

Summary of our EGATS Board Meeting 08.02.2011


Preparation for the AGM are running smooth. We will order some caps to give away as presents and make posters to attract more members to attend.


The Bylaws need to be amended to reflect the new logo. This will be added to the agenda for the AGM.


We discussed the exemption that was granted by the regulator to allow ATCOs to give OJT on Holstein after one month only. The board is not very happy about this, as it could and did happen that ATCOs don‘t work a single minute on their own within that month. We will start discussions with OMT to find a better solution.

Vintage video: Maastricht UAC in 1972

In all the discussions about FABEC, Single European Sky etc, people tend to forget that these projects aren't really anything new: in the early 1970's, Maastricht UAC was established as the first of several cross-border centres. Fourty years later, it is still the only one. Despite to political indecision, jealousy and procrastination, Maastricht UAC has proven the concept works and works very well - proof can be found in all PRC reports produced over the years, including the last one.

But it's also nice to see colleagues that have long since retired or even passed away. Thanks to Raymonde and Josette for helping out here:

AGM Announcement (UPDATED)

The EGATS Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2011 will be held on

Wednesday 06 APR 2011 at 20:00

in the MUAC Canteen.

There will be vacancies for the board. If you're interested, a nomination form needs to be completed and returned to the EGATS locker or directly to Michael Ott Team H4. The completed form needs to be in by 25 FEB 2011. The form can be obtained from any board-member or can be downloaded here.

BA need a Boeing 777... by tomorrow!!

Another time lapse movie - of the first British Airways B777 being built in Seattle...

Situation in Spain - IFATCA bulletin

For those interested in a bit more background on the situation in Spain, here's a document (PDF) released by IFATCA. It has an overview of what has happened so far - factual, with references and without the big emotions which are constantly present in the (Spanish) media. AENA and the Spanish government have managed to monopolise those media and feed them exactly what they wanted.

If you want to keep up to date with the situation, IFATCA maintains a blog on the situation in Spain:

More video - in english!

MUAC Promotion video - It's the first and currently still truly cross-border international centre in Europe. Controllers come from more than 25 countries to work the airspace above FL245 over 4 countries (5 counting a small piece of France).

Situation in Spain

UPDATE: Read the IFATCA press release on the situation: (english)  | (spanish)


The media has widely reported that air traffic controllers in Spain are on strike. As is not unusual in these situations, the reality may be different from what is reported. According to infromation we have, the controllers' union (USCA) did not call for a strike: controllers walked off the job or did not show up for work in response to the latest Royal Decree issued on 3 December 2010, which cancelled the previous decree.