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Sixth EGATS Photo Competition

Update #2: Results are in! First prize was awarded to Yvan Vandenbogaerde (MUAC/ENG). Runners-up were Gerald Friederichs and John Smylie (MUAC/OPS), who shared 2nd place! Conngratulations to the winners and better luck to the others next time.

Update: The board decided to slightly change the rules. Please find the new version of the competition rules here.

OUTPUT Magzine Winter 2009

You can find a pdf version of the latest OUTPUT magazine here. Subjects in this issue include: IFATCA Regional meeting in Kos, Tiger Meet 2009, an update on the Chico Foundation and the N-FDPS.

Summary of our EGATS Board Meeting 21.12.2009


Ive says he is thinking about stepping down as EGATS president in 2011. Since nobody is ready or willing to take over, a plan would be to redistribute the work to get all board members more involved. In that case he will think about continuing as president. Ive promised to stay on as EGATS president if 50 or more people show up for the AGM.


First impressions of the new office were good for all members. The location is well liked.

As far as we know the project for a new Recreational Building is still ongoing. It should not be subject to budged or cost cutting since the budget for it was already approved. However there are still some outstanding issues with the architect and the building permits.

Time Flies for NWA Crew - Forget to Land!

A Northwest Airlines flight from San Diego, California, to Minneapolis, Minnesota, flew about 150 miles past their destination  before realising they had to land there... Air traffic controllers were desperately trying to call the aircraft and even after contact was re-established, considered the possibility that the aircraft had been hijacked. The instructed the plane to make a series of unnecessary maneuvers to convince them the pilots were in control of the flight. Fighters were also on standby to intercept. NWA released a statement, saying: "The crew [...] were in a heated discussion over airline policy and they lost situational awareness".

Update: Apparently, the pilots were using their personal laptops while talking about "airline crew flight scheduling procedure."

Both pilots were suspended pending the investigation.

Summary Executive Board Meeting August 31st 2009

EGATS Internal

To save costs we decided to close an old mailbox, it wasn‘t used anymore and we are reachable with our address at MUAC.

New Roster

There was no RRT meeting since our last board meeting.

Medical checks if staff is AM

There were no checks recently. EGATS is monitoring the situation very closely.

CSS (Central Supervisory Suite)

EGATS was not involved again in the development, we were presented some ideas, which we didn‘t like very much: There is less supervisory staff needed in the future, so it will limit your career prospects. The board doubts a CSS can manage at sector level as efficiently as the sector supervisor now.

OUTPUT Magazine Summer 2009

You can find a pdf version of the latest OUTPUT magazine here. Subjects in this issue include: IFATCA Annual Conference, Ferry Flight Fun and the Photo competition.




Summary Executive Board Meeting July 6th 2009

EGATS Internal

We are still busy with cleaning up our new office and decided to give a lot of stuff, like Polo-shirts with the old logo to Ilia‘s charity.

New Roster

The minutes for the last RRT meeting should be published very shortly. In the meantime the study to find the best split for the N-duty has started. It is on us (you!) to give our input and try to find an optimum solution. However it will still be a night shift and it will be tougher than day shifts.


Summary Executive Board Meeting May 9th 2009

On the 9th of May, the Executive Board held a meeting where the following topics were discussed:

  1. Composition of board, integration of new EB members:

Unfortunately nobody volunteers to become vice-president; therefore we will continue another year without. SJ will take over the membership secretary from ZH. When KC comes back we will discuss who will continue. We will need new membership cards for all members with the new logo.

Draft Minutes AGM 2009 available

The draft minutes of the 2009 Annual General Meeting can be downloaded here. If you'd like to see the minutes or reports from this or previous AGM's, check this page.

GPS in trouble

The world's GPS systems could start to fail next year, according to a report presented to US Congress. This could cause serious problems for aviation, emergency services and ordinary drivers, as well as the military.

The US Government Accountability Office (GOA) blames mismanagement and lack of investment and predicts a one in five chance that the number of satellites will drop below the required 24 for global coverage before 2012.

Read the full report here.