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More video - in english!

MUAC Promotion video - It's the first and currently still truly cross-border international centre in Europe. Controllers come from more than 25 countries to work the airspace above FL245 over 4 countries (5 counting a small piece of France).

Situation in Spain

UPDATE: Read the IFATCA press release on the situation: (english)  | (spanish)


The media has widely reported that air traffic controllers in Spain are on strike. As is not unusual in these situations, the reality may be different from what is reported. According to infromation we have, the controllers' union (USCA) did not call for a strike: controllers walked off the job or did not show up for work in response to the latest Royal Decree issued on 3 December 2010, which cancelled the previous decree.


TV Valkenburg explores MUAC

Another MUAC video - a lot more recent, but in 'flat' limburgs this time, courtesy of TV Valkenburg (yes, apparently, there IS such a thing...) If anyone has a link to a subtitled version, let us know...

Summary EGATS Board Meeting 02NOV2010


We are participating in the safety case and in the FHA a long list of hazards was listed. This is normal for such a process. We will continue to critically follow the process and try to steer the CSS in the best possible direction. Even after we informed management about all the negative effects we fear the project could have, they still want to go ahead. Maybe TUEM can put more pressure, but we think it will not be possible to stop the project.


After a few letters management finally invited us to a meeting. Please read the joint communication at our notice board for more info. We will continue to follow the whole cross-training-process. In the future we will be invited to participate more and earlier in safety related projects.

Single Sky Committee rejects performance targets.

On monday October 25th 2010, the Single Sky Committee met, aiming to vote on EU Commission proposals for European Union wide performance targets on environment, capacity and cost-efficiency. The Committee could not accept the proposal made by the Commission however and it was consequently withdrawn...

In a speech to the European Aviation Summit in Bruges, Belgium the day after, Vice-President Kallas of the EU Commission and responsible for transport commented on the situation:

The Wall Street Journal also picked up the story ( noting the dire straits that both SES and FAB are in following the disagreement.

MUAC 1972

Very, very old video of the early days in MUAC - 1972. The commentary is in Dutch, but don't let that stop you. No building extensions, huge strip bays, suits and beards were fashionable. If you recognise anyone (yourself?) in the video, let us know...

Summary of our EGATS Board Meeting 25.08.2010


We are currently discussing our points of concern with management and have a meeting planned in September. One first result is the trial phase that started already in which the Hannover and Brussels sectors do not have to move anymore during the night. We plan to publish more information afterwards.


Generally the board is not against the project, however we have several serious concerns regarding how the cross training is done, and how the competency/license can be maintained. We will draft a letter of concern and hope to be invited by management to talk about these issues as well.


Some meetings are planned in the next days where we will be presented the new criteria for the new round of observations planned for this winter. Before every ATCO will receive a briefing about EUROSS.

Painting a B-747

Cool time-lapse video of a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 getting a new coat of paint...

Virgin Atlantic plane livery time-lapse movie from johnson banks on Vimeo.

More T-Shirts available

Due to popular demand we placed a second order for EGATS polos and T-shirts. They have just arrived and now we have black, white T-shirts and black, white and navy Polo shirts. If you are still interested write us an email or contact us directly. The prices have remained unchanged, T-shirts cost 5 and Polo shirts 10 euro.

Knowledge of how ATC works is not needed to run an airline!

Reacting to a possible strike by Spanish Air Traffic Controllers, Ryanair's Stephen McNamara drivelled the following:

“Air transport and tourism is vital to the Spanish economy and the Government must ensure that Spanish airports remain open during strikes by calling on the military to provide air traffic control services. While air traffic controllers have the right to strike, these actions should not be allowed to disrupt the travel plans of millions of Spanish citizens or visitors.