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Summary of our Board Meeting on 5th August 2008

EGATS Internal
After rechecking every board member’s email address it was decided to put them up on the web page as well. Like this in the future the members could address individual board members or as well use the address to reach the whole board.

The work on our latest output was finished and in the meantime you hopefully enjoy reading it.

New Roster
In the last weeks we were approached by different members who presented us interesting thoughts and ideas about how the new roster could be improved. We presented these ideas to the OMT and the NRPO. They seemed to be very interested and invited the members to further discuss the proposals.
The position of the board is that we all have to be more patient with the roster and respect that our colleagues in the roster office are trying their very best. The introduction will be a learning process for all of us and the new roster can still be fine tuned and adjusted to make it better. For that the NRPO needs your input and ideas! The board encourages the members to give as much constructive feedback as possible to the NRPO, so all of us can benefit from that.

It is necessary to stop the training of some partially qualified trainees in order to cover for NFDPS training for ATCOs. The board supports TUEM to strive to backdate their establishment date in order to prevent at least the financial loss for the individuals.

The aim is still to implement it in the first window: first two weeks of December.

Frederic and Raf will represent EGATS at the European Regional Meeting in Lisbon.

Ilia’s charity
The board supports our colleagues' initiative to help orphanages in Bulgaria. The Board decided to donate 500 Euros.

The board hopes to find more volunteers after the article in the Output. If that works we would have a bigger pool of people which makes it more likely to always have somebody on a Morning duty on each Saturday/Sunday. Possibly the assistants to Dsup could manage that bigger group.

New self briefing system
The board is of the opinion that the self briefing cannot replace the weekly teambriefing. There is a bigger tendency to ignore the briefing and it becomes impossible for the Dsups to manage the teams in a proper way. The board will talk with the OMT about that.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us. We will discuss it at our next board meeting which is planned for early November.