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Executive Board Meeting 27 MAY 2008

At this years' AGM, everyone present [insert sarcasm]  thought regular updates on what the Guild was doing sounded like a good idea. So, here's the first one: a short summary of what was discussed at the last Executive Board meeting on  27/05:

EGATS Internal
Internal communication within the board needs to improve. Only then can we work on better communication with the members. The poor attendance at the latest AGM may have consequences. More about this in the next Output.

New Roster
The board intends to keep a close look on the final details of the roster proposal, as there are still a lot of uncertainties.

Space Management
There is a new phase in the Space Management project with an architectural study for a new building extension. Input from EGATS has been made by Vince Poty and we await the final results.

CISM Workshop
We were disappointed that so few people made use of the CISM workshop after the prolonged MFS operations. On this subject we would like to point out an office notice dated October 2007 stating it is possible to work under MFS for longer than 60 minutes with traffic at 50% TMV provided the system is deemed stable enough.

We will sponsor the Eurocontrol Rugby team again and have also decided to give 50% of the membership double payments to Heart Link Children’s Charity by sponsoring James Kench on his run through Maastricht. The other 50% went to little Saskia via Raymonde Massa

The next board meeting will be in early August. If you have any points you would like the board to discuss, please send them to us via the contact form on this site.

Professionally Yours,