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Minutes for the EGATS AGM 2016, 13 April 2016

  1. Opening—President's Welcome
  2. Acceptance of the Draft Minutes AGM 2015: There are no comments to the minutes, so they are accepted unanimously.

  3. Reports:

a)    President's Message: Raf quickly explains his report.

b)    Executive Secretary: Michael reports what was talked about in the RRT meeting last week. Two interesting points that came up, but were not solved yet are the interpretation of the +/- 4 working days rule and the rule saying that ATCOs can be asked to stay up to 60min longer up to 12 times a year.

c)    Professional Committee and Technical Committee Adrian explains his activities over the last year and suggests establishing liaisons to SESAR and SMART.

i)    Professional Behaviour Committee (PBC) ii)    Just Culture Project iii)    Safety, Quality and Human Factors (SQH) iv)    Roster Revision Team (RRT) v)    Training section: We asked to be involved in the MOAT project, especially regarding training. vi)    INREP vii)    MOSAIC/MARC

d)    Membership e)    IFATCA f)    Flight Dept g)    Treasurer •    Overview 2015 •    Audit Committee — Discharge of Treasurer for 2015. Ive and Nadege did the audit of the books and found everything in order. Steven is discharged unanimously by the AGM. •    Budget 2016 Steven adds to his report that we lost about 90 members in the past 5 years. There are different reasons for that like the missing deals in the flight department, colleagues retiring, troubles with the bank accounts, etc.

  1. Elections EB 2016: Frederic, Adrian, Steven, Viktor and Michael will continue for the second year of their term. Raf, Alessandro, Sascha, Kris and Steve re-applied and no other application was received. No elections are necessary and the board will continue in the present set-up.
  2. Election Committees
  • Audit Committee: Ive and Nadege are willing to do it again next year.
  • Election Committee: Leen and Stefan are willing to do it again next year.
  1. Work items for the upcoming year:

a)    Military integration

b)    Loss of safety buffers/review: Steve Mention is part of the CSS review.

c)    Bad WX procedure

  1. Future of OUTPUT: Raf will bring it up at his next DIRMAS meeting.
  2. AOB: none
  3. Closing 21:30