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Summary of our Board Meeting on 01 February 2016

  • We are currently trying to get support for starting to work on a bad WX procedure in MUAC. All centers around us seem to have something in place, so why not us?
  • Finally a procedure for formation flights has been drafted and will be trained asap via CBT. As well it will be part of the military training coming up.
  • EGATS has recognized a trend of more and more buffers being lost over the past years due to financial pressure, etc. This is causing problems sometimes and could become a greater risk in the future. Therefore it is necessary to steer against this development and keep/re-establish certain buffers as safety net. (see as well the Swiss Cheese Model below)
  • We will ask for a review of certain decisions/changes made in the past. We will ask to get more involved regarding the professional aspects of the Lippe integration, now that it was decided.
  • AFPF is a new project which is something similar to a METAR planner. EGATS will ask to get involved as well here.