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Summary of our Board Meeting on 20 November 2015

The following topics were discussed

  • The board is still busy with some ongoing items, but we cannot present any results yet. The main ones are:
    • Bad WX procedure
    • Training of formation flights
  • The board is concerned about how the planning of the x-training to the BSG is progressing. Several colleagues are ready for checkout since months, but no checkouts have been done by now. We will investigate with Luc Staudt.
  • After the initiative of one of our colleagues we are working together with TUEM on a questionnaire about stress, fatigue, leave, traffic levels, etc.
  • We discussed the OSDR and feel that it is outdated and urgently needs to be replaced by another more flexible system. We will talk to Nick Miller about that.
  • NOTAMs and the status of NAV-aids are no longer published on E-brief, however mislaid headsets and validations of other sector groups are. We feel that some fine-tuning is required and will contact Nick Miller for that item.
  • The AGM 2016 is planned for 13.04.16. Further updates are coming in the future.

For any questions and suggestions don’t hesitate to ask us or contact us via email.