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Summary of our Board Meeting on 12 September 2015

The following topics were discussed:

Bad WX procedures: The board has gathered some information from centres all around the world how they handle bad weather and strongly promotes to introduce a bad WX procedure in MUAC. In our eyes at the moment the decision is too much left to the DSUP and a firm procedure is needed.

Brussels Sectors: We are very critical about the Brussels sector group leave plan for next year and already voiced our concerns via the appropriate channels. The Planning office is currently working on freeing up extra leave slots for staff.

Formation Flights: One of the training items on the MTA training day was the handling of formation flights, which we pushed for a long time already. Now this day was cancelled. We will bring it up and demand to train ATCOs on formation flights asap.

Printing Office: There is a plan to 'insource' the printing office in the coming year. We have used the printing office for years and the colleagues working there have been extremely helpful. Now it looks like we will not have this help anymore in the near future. So please if you have any ideas how we can do the layout and printing of the OUTPUT approach us and let us know.

For any questions and suggestions don’t hesitate to ask us or contact us via email.