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Summary of our Board Meeting on 6 February 2015

  • Our AGM is planned for 02.03.15 at 20:00 in D3.13/D3.14 The lottery for the lucky winner to travel to the IFATCA ERM will be done at the AGM, this time.
  • The stop of the automatic incasso is our biggest worry at the moment. So far many members didn’t fill out the form to deduct the membership fee from their salary and didn’t pay it via bank transfer either, even after all the reminders send out. If the current situation doesn’t change EGATS would lose about 25% of our membership.  We cannot tighten the budget anymore by saving on one end or the other without having to stop some of the work we do. And even more important we would represent a smaller number of OPS staff, which means our voice will not be as strong as it used to be with a powerful and strong membership backing us up. We know that a major factor for losing members is the lack of interesting flight deals, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it, no matter how hard we try to get deals. However you shouldn’t forget that our work goes far beyond the flight department. E.g. the new building would not be there without EGATS pushing for it for years in the past. This is just one example for our work and you can follow us  the easiest under EGATS.ORG.
  • EGATS is invited to start the work on the Lippe integration project and we are very keen to do so.
  • The just culture project is progressing and we try to steer it in a way, what just culture means to us: It should be there to protect us and not be used as a complaint department.
  • EGATS is very worried about certain aspects of the new OJTI concept. E.g. in phase 4b it foresees one coach to coach two trainees at the same time. We understand the pressure to save money, but savings like that will cost in the future by a lower pass rate and longer training periods for abinitios.
  • We are participating in the Free Route Airspace (FRA) program at MUAC. Instead of establishing more and more DCTs it seems to be clearer to implement a FRA at MUAC. Aircraft would file an entry and an exit point and in between anchor points to avoid military areas. So far it is just a basic concept and a lot of work is ahead of us.
  • We are following the implementation of a 3rd layer in the Brussels sector.
  • Steve Mention will take up the vacant position as chairman of the flight department.
  • We are having problems with the print shop. Because of cost-cutting there is quite some backlog as well with the OUTPUT. We are in talks to help the print shop and possibly speed up the process for the OUTPUT in the future.

For any questions and suggestions don’t hesitate to ask us or contact us via email.