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Summary of our Board Meeting on 7 November 2014

Our AGM is planned for 02 March 2015, at 20:00lcl

Membership Fees: after talking to Eurocontrol, we managed to have the possibility of Eurocontrol to deduct our membership fees directly from your salaries. We are very excited to have this new option, because we expect it to be easier and cheaper than the automatic incasso, which has become extremely expensive and user unfriendly with the implementation of SEPA banking. Further info will follow very shortly.

Finances: the board decided to merge the bank account of the flight department with the general EGATS bank account. The treasurer will still keep two separate books. 

IFATCA: we will organize a lottery to take a member to the IFATCA ERM next year.

Lippe Integration: together with TUEM and the staff committee we are asking management to inform us about the military integration  project. At the moment there are just too many rumours going around.

The Just Culture Project is starting now with the real work. EGATS will be involved and keep you up to date.

New OJTI concept: The plan has been slightly adapted. Now for each trainee there is a Training officer, a prime coach and 2 side coaches planned.

CBA Land is dependent on the military colocation in Amsterdam. 

In the last Roster Revision Team meeting we finally defined a fair-share/preference concept, which will be converted into a tool for the roster-office. A basic version of this is already available, but still needs to be worked on. This will be started now with high pressure. We are very optimistic to have this tool running in the first half of 2015.

We collected further feedback on the new building and will ask for some small quick improvements: “Quiet, please” posters to be put up in the rest areas, as well as soft-close-doors and the busy-lights outside the dormitories to be connected.

We continue to follow the SQH and the PBC.

For any questions and suggestions don’t hesitate to ask us or contact us via email.