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Here is a summary of what has been discussed:
Formation Flights: We are still pushing for a solution for the formation flights, as well, because there are more and more formations crossing our airspace again.
Lippe integration: It looks positive and we will approach management to be involved in the operational aspects of the integration.
Scenario concept: Within the board there are some worries to this change in our operational concept. It has been badly prepared and briefed and probably no safety case was done. We will investigate and as well ask for refresher training and/or TRM to further explain.
OUTPUT :  The summer output was delayed due to staffing problems in the printing office, but should be ready very soon now. The deadline for the winter edition for our OUTPUT magazine is 30.11.14. If you like to contribute with an article, please contact Raf before that date and discuss if we have room for it in the magazine.
New building: We realized the location of the new dormitories being not ideal. Many people walk directly past them, when coming in for a duty. We will give it some time to get more feedback and investigate how this situation can be improved.
Date for the AGM 2015: 02.03.15 at 20:00.
Cross training: EGATS is against individual deals for ATCOS volunteering for cross training and closely work together with TUEM on this item.
For any questions and suggestions don’t hesitate to ask us or contact us.