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Summary of our Board Meeting on 10 June 2014

This was our first board meeting with the new board constitution. Here is a summary of what has been discussed:

  • Task within the board: Kris will be representing EGATS in the Just Culture Project, which just kicked off. As well he will be our new third INREP peer. Steve explains his field of interest to represent EGATS in European meetings and share his experience from working in the union and staff committee. All other tasks remain unchanged.
  • New Unit Training / New OJTI concept: EGATS hasn’t received any new information since the last meeting. However with the growing traffic and delays it seems obvious that we need a good NUT and OJTI concept in place rather sooner than later.
  • Lippe Integration: As well here we don’t have any news and wait for a decision before spending more effort in it.
  • Just Culture Project: The goal is to have the documentation signed by the DG in September and the establishment of a Just Culture Board within MUAC. EGATS would like to be part of this board to monitor and influence the process.
  • TCAS RA downlink: EGATS and IFATCA have severe issues with this technology. E.g.: The legal foundation is unclear and the display of information is very time critical, which cannot be guaranteed by our system. Therefor we strongly oppose an implementation in MUAC.
  • IFATCA: as well as having our former president Patrik as IFATCA president, EGATS has signed up to work this year in the constitutional and administrative Committee and is following the work of the technical committee closely. Maybe next year we would like to get involved here as well.
  • CBA Land FABEC: At the moment the status of the project and as well the SWAP project is uncertain. A decision will be made in July.