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Summary Board Meeting on 19 March 2014

Here is a summary of what has been discussed:


  • Improvement of visibility vertical exits: The issue is known, but unfortunately has a low priority at the moment. We will prepare a note for the E-brief to raise the awareness and ask the ATCOs to report those more often.
  • INREP: The INREP procedure is being changed. From now on the trustees will de-identify the report and hand it on to the manager concerned. If the report is unclear, inappropriate or too emotional, the manager has the option to ask the trustee to check back with the reporter if she/he would like to change something. Still it is guaranteed, that the reporting system will stay anonymous and confidential. Only the trustees will keep the link for a short while until the manager accepts the report. To speed up the answer it will be given within one month via ebrief from now on. Only if the manager doesn’t accept the report and the reported doesn’t want to rephrase it will go into a new publication called “beyond the radar” to give an explanation there. For questions or concerns ask one of our trustees: Alessandro Mercati or Adrian Stefan.
  • New OJTI concept: The concept is finally becoming more concrete. A high level meeting is planned in May.
  • Formation flights: The issue is still pending, so we will bring it up again.
  • AGM: This year our AGM will be on 16.05 at 20:00 in D.3.13/14. The agenda, etc. will follow, but please note the date already, so as many as possible are able join. We are looking for some new board members this year, to be able to handle the amount of work we have to do at the moment and in the future. If you are interested please talk to any board member to get further information.
  • Bank accounts: The transfer of our accounts went well. Everybody should have received the info at least once so far.
  • The lucky winner to this year's IFATCA ERM in Kiev is Gabriel Bangiu. Congratulations! Let’s hope the situation in Ukraine will be solved by then, so the meeting doesn’t have to be cancelled or re-scheduled.
  • Lippe integration: At the time of our meeting no update was available.
  • Institutional study: As well for this item we didn’t get any update.
  • Just culture project: Kris Scicluna and Raf Vigorita will represent EGATS in the just culture project starting off shortly.
  • VDFL Deco: Viktor Koren will follow the simulation planned in June and report to EGATS.
  • Flight department: A new deal will be announced shortly. Check your mails for more info.