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Summary of our Board Meeting on 06 February 2014

Here is a summary of what has been discussed:
  • Improved visibility vertical exits: We approached the OMT on this and are waiting for a reply.
  • New OJTI concept: Viktor is involved as OJTI officer and EGATS board member. However the progress is rather slow at the moment.
  • Formation flights: We will push again for an ad-interim solution, since nothing has happened so far.
  • AGM: This year our AGM will be on 16.05 at 20:00 in D.3.13/14. The agenda, etc. will follow, but please note the dates already, so as many as possible are able join. We are looking for some new board members this year, to be able to handle the amount of work we have to do at the moment and in the future. If you are interested please talk to any board member to get further information.
  • Bank accounts: The automatic incasso went well. Steven prepared an elink, ebrief, a notice for the vitrinekast to use as many channels as possible to reach all our members and let them know our new bank details. So far the transfer to ABN went rather smooth.
  • IFATCA: In the next days we will organize a lottery to take a lucky winner to this years’ IFATCA ERM in Kiev.
  • Lippe integration: According to our information on 19.03 a decision will be taken by the state if an integration plan will be drafted. If that would be the case, later this year a decision will be taken if the integration will be done.
  • Institutional study: There are two models for MUAC left over: One is to build a European ANSP, MUAC would be part of. The other one is to remain as a “sub company” of Eurocontrol, which would be steered by the 4 states.
  • New building: The new building is planned to open in April and EGATS might have the opportunity to use one wall as a display for the photo competition.
Our next board meeting is scheduled for 19.03. If you would like us to look into anything, please let us know in advance.
Kind regards,