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Due to Deutsche Bank's decision to end its relationship with many thousands of their customers, EGATS among them, we were forced late last year to look for a new banking partner. We have chosen to renew our relationship with ABN AMRO for a number of reasons. 

Unfortunately, this changeover will affect your financial transactions with EGATS, especially regarding payment of your membership fee. EGATS will have a new account number. For security reasons, we don't publish that account number here. Please contact the EGATS Treasurer using our contact form - make sure to select 'treasurer, finance, membership' in the category field. 

If you are using the incasso method of paying your yearly fee, which means you authorized us to transfer the money from your account ourselves, you need not do anything. We will continue to do so. 

However, if you were making a manual transfer every year, or you have a standing order with your bank or via your online banking software for this to happen automatically, you will need to replace the current account number with the new. 

We are sorry for this inconvenience. 

As a reminder : the annual fee is 55 euro, and needs to be paid during each month of January.

Steven Pelsmaekers - EGATS Treasurer