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Summary of our Board Meeting on 16 December 2013

Dear members,

Here is a summary of what has been discussed:

Improvement of E-brief

Our input was much appreciated and the board will continue to make suggestions how to improve certain briefing items.

Improvement of visibility vertical exits

With more and more airliners working with automated flight planning systems the number of vertical exits is raising as well. However those vertical exits are very hard to spot for the ATCOs, therefore EGATS will encourage improving the visibility of such vertical exits.

Board composition

After the latest developments and two members leaving the board, we had to divide their task among the other board members. For more info please read the separate note.

ATCO Resourcing

EGATS attended a two day workshop dealing with “flexible ATCO resourcing”  or “the three domain principle”. Since this topic is coming up more and more often, we will formulate our own guidelines dealing with such ideas and communicate them to management.

Formation flights

We had talks with the OMT and they committed to develop a proper procedure and the training required to work formations in the future. Until this can be done they promised to deliver a clear ad-interim solution, which we are currently waiting for.

Bank accounts

Unfortunately EGATS is forced to change bank accounts next year again. The process has been started already and further details will follow.


In the coming weeks we will organize a lottery to take a lucky winner to next years’ IFATCA ERM in Kiev.

Ziggo subscription

EGATS was approached if we could pay for a Ziggo pay TV subscription (sport channel) for the TV room. We support the idea, but will check with facility management, if they could take over the costs.

Christmas tree in the OPS room

EGATS supports Natscha B.’s initiative to have kids decorating the Christmas tree in the OPS-room with 200€.


Our next board meeting is scheduled for FEB 06. If you would like us to look into anything, please let us know in advance.

Kind regards,