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Summary of our Board Meeting on 04 November 2013

Here is a summary of what has been discussed:

• Re-organization of training section: After a quiet summer there is some movement again. The Deco Training Officers drafted a proposal for a new concept, which is supported as well from training officers from the other sector groups. Now they wait for a reaction from management on the concept. Viktor Koren as Deco training officer is our EGATS representative following this process.

• Loss of Licence Scheme: EGATS is presently doing some research about a possible loss of licence scheme. Anybody having such an insurance privately or knows about any other provider offering it is very welcome to share her/his knowledge with us. Thanks!

• The deadline for articles for the winter edition of our OUTPUT magazine is 24.11.2013. If you would like to contribute, please approach one of the EB members already before that date, so we know how many pages we will receive.

• Meetings are scheduled to continue work on general cross-training-guidelines. Viktor is representing EGATS to push for our ideas, which were drafted earlier together with the staff committee.

• Formation flights: Due to an occurrence in the OPS room we were pointed at procedures concerning formation flights. In our eyes we are not sufficiently trained to handle such flights and will therefore propose to cover this topic in the refresher training.

• VDFL: Adrian represented EGATS in the last VDFL meetings. The usage is of the concept is very limited. For now the possible DFLs are 335 or 355 to be valid for the whole Hannover sectors and only being changed max. 2-3 times a day. Like that we are very confident the training and implementation will be a success.

• Lux high: Alessandro attended the last meetings about the Lux high, which will be implemented with a new and improved set of procedures on 06.02.14. Staff will have to complete a CBT and have the chance to attend face-to-face briefings.

Please contact us for any further questions.

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