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Summary of our Board Meeting on 11 June 2013

This was our first board meeting with Raf as new president. Here is a summary of what has been discussed:

•    We will initiate a meeting with TUEM and the Staff Committee to start a task force to draft a policy for Aging ATCOs. There was a brainstorming meeting with management about a year ago on this, but nothing has been done since.
•    The new INREP form is basically ready and should be available soon.
•    We will push to continue the work on the “guidelines for cross-training” document, since this was stopped as well some months ago.
•    Frisian Flag: The board discussed the organization/planning of the exercise and had a few suggestions to improve. We will inform management via the appropriate channels and hope for further improvement next year.
•    The board has drafted a letter on a policy for familiarisation visits and flights, which will be send very shortly.
•    Adrian took over the post of membership secretary from Raf and is working on a few things to improve the awareness/support of EGATS in the Ops room.
•    For the 40th anniversary, we still didn’t make a final decision how to celebrate it. We are still investigating different options to do something with a limited/low budget and will make a decision shortly. More details will follow thereafter.
•    The deadline to hand in articles for the summer edition of the OUTPUT magazine is 4th July. However if you are planning to write an article, please let us know before that date.

Please contact us for any further questions.

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