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IFATCA 2013: EGATS Delegation Update #3

Committee A (B. Romanik)

The 3rd day started with the budget proposal, an item that normally takes some time, but as the EVP Finance had lost his voice, he pushed it thru just under 3 minutes. The directors didn't ask any questions and everything was nodded through! Thereafter EGATS had the chance to present its two papers. The first one called "Budget Transparency"; the other one called "Job Satisfaction of Representatives".

I have to admit that the present auditor is performing way better than the one before, so an audit is actually performed. As conclusion of this, I requested from the chair of the financial committee, that an internal audit is done, so we can actually see what IFATCAs money is spent on. FIC chair objected that this is hardly possible as this would take 5 days. With modern bookkeeping practises, it should actually be pretty easy! On request of EGATS, the FIC was tasked to do so. The second paper caused some discussion between the EB and the directors, what was exactly the aim of the presentation. As we can see with several representatives, the communiacation and relation between the reps and the EB is not working satisfyingly. Both papers were accepted.

The afternoon was reserved for MA reports in a closed session. This means no minutes were taken. The last points left were applications for the special circumstances fund (Indonesia and Ireland) - which were approved - and for the termination of membership! Due to a tremendous work and commitment of EVP Africa, only 3 MAs were suspended from IFATCA. If you  would like any information on the closed session, we can give you an update...

Informal regional Meeting (M. Ott)

The informal regional meeting took place on sunday morning – the last day here in Bali – with 31 MAs from europe being present holding 7 provxies! That  means that only Albania and Armenia were not represented! This is a  great success and is mainly due to the EVP Europes efforts to maximize to number of proxies!  He opened the meeting and explained how the meeting would proceed – all the MA reports will  be in closed session where no minutes are taken and no reports shall be  produced!  So if you are interested on updates about Spain, Greece, Latvia, Cyprus  and others we can give you a bried update in person!  Ph. Domogala presented the ESF (european support fund), apologized for  not having produced a paper as normally – and thanked the 'usual 4 or 5  Mas' that contributed to it. The ESF contains presently around 10.000  Euros and is normally used in assisting MAs to attend conferences, so for this year to help Latvia and Ireland who had unexpected expenses for lawyers concerning their pensionfunds, so they even had to  apply for the special circumstancesfund to stay in IFATCA. Before moving  into closed session, where Rob Peters (head of strategic relations  Euroccontrol) was accepted as observer, Zejlko thanked the many  representatives for their work being involved with EASA and SESAR!  Thereafter the regional meetings of the coming years were discussed –  2013 Sarajevo, 14 Ukraine, 15 or 16 Germany and Estonia offered to host!  The liasionofficer to the EU gave his report together with Fred Deleau  on the latest work on SES and the FABs. The FABs are a disaster and not  delivering and Fred requested some reports from Mas from the different  FABs. Besides Denmark reporting that the NUAC-FAB with sweden is working  quite well, all other Mas were dissapointed! Iceland withdrew from the  FAB and Austria reported that they did a realtime simulation of LARA as airspace booking tool and came to the conclusion that it is not workable!  Rob Peters gave aquick update on whats going on within Eurocontrol, that  so many projects were launched and around 200 people were retired on  early terms. He requested from IFATCA that the deputy president Patrik Peters meets with our DG Frank Brenner as quick as possibly to bring him up to speed about IFATCAs involvement!