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Summary of our Board Meeting on 06 February 2013


Our AGM is planned for 25.03 at 20:00 in D3.13/14. We hope many of you will join! 3rd geographical area/cross training concept In the recent past there have been multiple different un-organized approaches to this. Currently EGATS and Staff committee is working on a paper together with management laying down clear guidelines and procedures for cross-training. The bad communication and organization have put cross-training in a bad light and by introducing clarity by this document we hope to create a more positive attitude towards cross training. Cross training can be beneficial for the center and have a positive push to the career of the individual ATCO, however it needs to be planned properly and communicated very clearly.

Transition Team Communication

Ilia represents EGATS and the staff committee in this project. He is focusing on improving the communication to and from the OPS room. The first visible change is the improvement of the E-brief. Further ideas are a private log-on to the intranet, with a personalized homepage. He criticized heavily the communication to and from CSS.

Just Culture Project

Ilia followed this project as well. The project is however extremely big and complicated. The latest development is management planning to publish a vacancy for OPS staff to manage the project as a sidetrack, because no office staff seems to have the time to do it at the moment.


A lot of changes have been done as a reaction to our letter from last year. The board will push to communicate these changes properly asap to improve the general attitude towards the project.


Again we need to push to get the annual review meeting planned. However we will do so asap.


Steven managed the automatic incasso despite the complicated change to Deutsche Bank. He reports an increased number of members paying the membership fee twice, possibly because of some confusion created by the change.

Refurbishment of the OPS room

EGATS is not directly involved in this project, however we were informed that the first step will be the refurbishment of the CSS only. The refurbishment of the rest of the OPS room was delayed.


The board would like to encourage the members to file an occurrence, if there are issues/comments with any DCT.

Flight Department

Unfortunately our application for the Lufthansa Reisemarkt was refused again. Alessandro and Jerry plan a trip to EDDL and EDDK to talk to some station managers to get deals.

Training section re-organization

Unfortunately there is no official news at this time.
If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us. We will discuss it at our next board meeting.