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Summary of our Board Meeting on 10 December 2012

EGATS was informed that the TOPAS project has officially been stopped, however some of the ideas will be used in the ongoing re-organization of the training section. We will ask for EGATS to be involved in the re-organization.

We contacted management that more information needs to be provided on this topic and were informed that Ian Middleton is working on a letter to be send to the board. We will do some research as well on ICAO policies on this item. We will get back to that topic as soon as we have received the letter by our management.

EGATS was involved in the safety case and follows the project as close as possible. We are aware that the DFL in the Hannover sector group needs to be changed and a flexible DFL could have many benefits. However it has to be researched if it is doesn’t cause confusion and influences the situational awareness of Atcos from a human factor point of view.

FRAM is another project progressing fast and introducing flexibility into our environment. There have been some occurrences already because it is sometimes unclear where aircraft are navigating to, which can lead to unexpected turns. SMART is working on refining the Flight-Leg-Function to make it more usable and help Atcos to improve the situational awareness. It is a change in our working habits and will take time to get used to it. As well our sector boundaries need to be reviewed.

EGATS had a meeting with Mr. de Roover to talk about the new building, especially the new dormitories. There will be 12 dormitories with well insulated brick walls and windows, which can be opened. As well new beds and mattresses will be bought and staff will have the chance to choose between different options after testing. As well we raised the idea to buy some longer beds in 1-2 dormitories for our taller colleagues.

Our AGM is planned on 25th march at 20:00 in D 3.13. The announcement will follow shortly. Ive’s, Steven’s, Jerry’s, Freddy’s, Ilia’s and Michael’s term will end, but all except Ive indicated their availability for the next two years again and plan to reapply. Ive will leave the board after 7 years as president.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us. We will discuss it at our next board meeting.