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Summary of our Board Meeting on 06/07 November 2012

This time we had a long list of agenda points that we couldn’t finish within the normal time and continued on the next day.

This is the summary of the two days:

Safety survey and its conduct: The board members feel that the conduct was not 100% confidential because people had to checkmark their name and were approached to fill it in, if their name was not yet marked. There is the suggestion to motivate people to fill in by attaching a lottery, where you can win something if you fill it in instead of marking names.

Changes in training section/infrastructure: According to our information the aim is not cost-cutting. Every trainee is allocated one head-coach and 3 side-coaches taking care of his training. Even when the “DFS-model”, which is the one proposed by the training section, has some advantages, it is questionable if it would work at MUAC if there would be a high number of trainees. It does get very difficult to adjust the different rosters of coaches and trainees to make it work, e.g. EGATS will ask to be involved in the design process and try to adjust the model to make it as good as possible.

Conditional endorsement: The outcome of the FHA is that the same conditions as for any other endorsement have to be valid. We are happy with this statement, because it means nobody can cut the corner with this anymore. If it is ever implemented very strict rules would apply, which make it almost impossible to use the endorsement.

We were invited and will follow the project of the re-organization of MUACs managerial structures.

We follow a number of meetings concerning the TCAS RA downlink. Basically the TCAS information would be available to ATCOS, which is in our view very dangerous, because this could used against us, if an accident would happen.

It is very hard again to find volunteers for the breakfast condiments. For now the board-members did it a few times. However if there are no more volunteers, there will be weekends without any breakfast very soon.

We had some email exchange concerning the dormitories in the new building. More info will follow shortly.

We decided not to open EGATS for Sim pilots. Our impression was that the main reasons why they were interested are the flight department and support in social conflicts, which we cannot give them as a purely professional association.

The board is very worried about the professionalism and competence of certain colleagues. Therefore we follow the Controller professional behaviour project and hope to influence this trend to turn it around.

Hannover east+: The board will follow up, when the licences will be withdrawn. As well we think very critical about any incentive for possible volunteers to do the Jever.

Please contact us for any further questions.

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