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Summary Board Meeting - 03 September 2012

The total meeting lasted over 4 hours and the following topics were discussed:

Unit/Conditional Endorsement

On 1st October Bernhard and Ive will attend the PSSA. More updates will follow afterwards.


The biggest problem is that very often sectors are open with no traffic and then again you get an overload, because the staff is badly managed. Communication between CSS and staff is not improved. EGATS still feel that CSS is no improvement.


Ilia attended the last meeting. The plan is to have for each trainee one head-coach and a pool of 3-4 coaches. Each head-coach can be responsible only for one trainee. The idea is to save money like this, however so far TUEM was not involved to our knowledge.

Controller professional behaviour project

Ive went to the kickoff meeting. The next meeting is planned only in late November. Forbidding I-phones and reading is not the perfect solution. It would be better to improve the atmosphere and foster motivation which has decreased even more since the CSS has been implemented.


(llack of) hand-over procedures when opening/closing sectors: The board feels that the quality of the handover is very poor sometimes and should be improved. Ive will bring it up at the professional behaviour project.

Study on MUAC future / FABEC update

No changes to be expected for the short future. There is the chance that FABEC will not be declared in December.

Day of the controller (20.10)

Massages are booked, same procedure as last year.

Cross-train Hannover controllers on the Jever sector

The board has a strong feeling that it will cause unrest amongst ATCOs if any incentive is offered to the volunteers. EGATS is against it. As well there is the question how many endorsements can a controller hold? EGATS has not been involved yet and we will request to be involved from now on.

Inconsistent behaviour (NFDPS)

There are still some problems with the system, but the only way to solve this is to continue reporting these things again and again.

New building

There have been several requests from Ops staff for the new dormitories to have noise-reduction-doors. The windows to be possible to be opened, better and bigger beds and a better more quiet A/C. The board will pass it on.