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MUAC History - The Book

Today, February 29th 2012, it will have been 40 years since the Maastricht UAC started operations. Appropriately, the transfer of control of the Belgian upper airspace from a room in Zaventem airport to a brand new centre near Maastricht, NL was done on a leap day: in many ways, not in the least for the staff, it was a leap. Maastricht would rapidly leap ahead of any other ATC centre in Europe and become the leading ATC provider. Thanks to a combination of advanced technology and highly motivated staff, Maastricht became and remains by far the centre with the highest controller productivity in Europe.

To commemorate the occasion, Mr. Philippe Domogala - former Center Supervisor - has compiled a book with stories, pictures and anecdotes about the first 40 years of the Centre's existence.

This book was produced wholly on behalf of TUEM and EGATS, with the excellent cooperation of the Maastricht Repro Team.

Those EGATS members who did not pick up a book at the event on 29 February can collect their free copy in the office of Philip Marien (N1.27b).

Staff who are retired from Maastricht UAC and are interested to receive the book are invited to send their correct address details to  in order to ensure correct delivery of their book. The EGATS EB regrets the retired staff was not invited to the event on 29 Febuary, but we were assured this will be made up in the future.

Those EGATS members not working at Maastricht UAC, but who would still be interested to receive the book, can send an e-mail to  with their name and address details and they will receive the book at home free of charge.