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Summary of our Board Meeting 09 January 2012


Our AGM will be on Monday April 23rd at 20:00lcl in the MUAC canteen. We hope many members will attend.


EGATS will monitor the study on the institutional future of MUAC. As well we will continue to follow the MOSAIC and MARC meetings.


The minutes from our last meeting are online. The hottest topics at the moment are the summer leave and the new guidelines for individual rosters.


Is up and running. However we still have a few ideas to improve the system and will pass them on to OMT.

Conditional Endorsement Project

EGATS continued to follow the project, however there are no news for the moment.

Stop of Ab-initio intake

We wrote a letter together with the SC and TUEM. The meeting resulting from this is still to happen. We will have more info soon.


If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us. We will discuss it at our next board meeting.