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Summary of Executive Board Meeting on 4 November 2011

Conditional Endorsement Project

EGATS continued to follow the project. Here are some news from the latest meeting: The Belgian authority stated that it is a B1 change and has to go to the 4 states NSA board before approval. It was argued that this should not be treated as an add-on to our licence, but rather be treated as a separate licence for a new sector. In the end management agreed to this and at least we gained some time, however it is still not from the table. For EGATS it is really unclear why management invests so much energy and money in this project and claims that it is for the ATCOs in the OPS room, when the whole OPS room is against it and never asked for a project like this. We would prefer to put this energy into the Aging-Controller-Workshop, which is planned for next year.


We are working to update the reporting form to make it more user-friendly. As well we want to make it available at the positions, to motivate people to use it. We discussed as well the latest safety mirror and want to talk to management about it: A lot of INREPS point out very obvious weaknesses, however we cannot see any action by management to improve the situation pointed out. If it continues like that there is the danger of INREP being ignored again.

Professionalism at work

We had quite a discussion about professionalism at work. E.g.: A lot of people use frequently their smartphone when being on position. This trend is very dangerous and will sooner or later have very negative consequences for the OPS room. There are other points as well, where people don’t act very professional. We will write an article about this for the next output magazine to make people aware. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us. We will discuss it at our next board meeting.