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Summary of Executive Board Meeting on 1st September 2011

Conditional Endorsement Project

To stop the project is still one of our main working items. We approached EASA and they do support us, however our management is still pushing. We will approach IFATCA next and if necessary as well the Dutch CAA.


We are working to update the reporting form to make it more user-friendly. As well we want to make it available at the positions, to motivate people to use it.


The predictions are that we will work 210 gross duties in 2012 and 208 (final roster) in 2013. The worst staffed sector is still DECO. Therefore it might become necessary to cross-train 3 ATCOs from Hannover to Deco. EGATS proposed to raise the number of Hannover ATCOs to work the Holstein instead if possible.


It is getting very difficult to find volunteers to buy the condiments. If we don’t find enough, we will stop it.


There are still no talks between MARC and the providers. It is not looking good as time is running. We hope to get more info at the next MARC meeting in Nice.


EGATS proposed to make the e-briefing more interactive to have clickable links to maps, LOAs, etc. Apparently this is causing problems, because the files are moved to different locations after a certain time. The board will ask to introduce it anyway, even if the link will only work for a limited time.
NFDPS The board will suggest to include some system-items in the refresher training. The recent past has shown that the system is causing problems in circumstances like CBs. In these special situations it is really necessary to understand the system behavior.

International Day of the controller 2011

EGATS plans to organize two ladies that will give 15min chair massages in the penthouse for our members.
If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us. We will discuss it at our next board meeting.