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Summary of our EGATS Board Meeting 04APR2011


Everything is planned and we are ready for the AGM.

Mistakes in new paper-license

The board will prepare a form and send it via e-link to the members asking for the document stating the correct dates.


We have done our part, now it is up to management to do theirs. We will surely remind them about it.

Conditional Endorsement

We will give a presentation at the AGM and hope to have a good discussion about it. The project manager will be invited as well.

Flight department

The newly appointed chairmen and the general manager are busy updating the red folder and as well adding everything to the EGATS forum.


We will work together with management and the university of Duisburg on an EUROSS vaidation questionnaire.

Night vigilance study

Finally the report is there, but having no real conclusions. The board thinks the way we split the nightshift at the moment is good and therefore the report has only an informative value for us.


24 members failed to pay their membership-fee 2011 and will therefore be suspended. EGATS has 399 members left.


The board received a request by a member to pay back the fees she/he transferred too much in the previous years. Unfortunately this happens all the time and we do pay it back, if the books for the year concerned are not yet audited. EGATS always donated the money for a good cause if members did not claim it back in time. As the books from 2009 and earlier are audited already we cannot pay back anything we received too much in these years. We hope everybody understands this.


The board ordered a few EGATS caps which will be handed out for free at the AGM and afterwards will be on sale for only 5€.

Safety liaison

Bernhard Romanik (Brussels Team 2) will observe the work of the EGATS board for one year and as well be our new safety liaison. Bernhard has done a lot of work in the Austrian association as well in relation to safety and we are sure he will be a great support for us.