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Summary of our EGATS Board Meeting 08.02.2011


Preparation for the AGM are running smooth. We will order some caps to give away as presents and make posters to attract more members to attend.


The Bylaws need to be amended to reflect the new logo. This will be added to the agenda for the AGM.


We discussed the exemption that was granted by the regulator to allow ATCOs to give OJT on Holstein after one month only. The board is not very happy about this, as it could and did happen that ATCOs don‘t work a single minute on their own within that month. We will start discussions with OMT to find a better solution.


In FABEC, the Unions and Professional Associations organized within the MARC group have agreed to the terms of Reference (ToRs) in early January 2011, therefore laying the path for a structured Social Dialogue Committee. Within the MARC group, we continue to strive to positive results for all staff involved. To this date, we still don't have a clear answer or official launch of the Social Dialogue Committee.

Mistakes in new paper-license

The director already committed to send each ATCO a document stating when the original licence was acquired. However we are still waiting and have to remind him.


Some suggestions were made by the board to lobby for INREP. We think that a good working INREP scheme would be very beneficial for MUAC and are more than willing to put in our share to restart it. However management have to work for it as well by getting proper replies to outstanding reports and as well some lobbying from their side.

Multi Sector Planning

The board discussed this new project and considers it to be a step in the wrong direction. There was a push to do this with Ruhr/Munster a few years ago, but it was stopped. We hope it will be stopped this time as well and will communicate accordingly with OMT.

Conditional Endorsement

Although there are quite some worries within the board, Alessandro will attend the next meetings to gather more information. Afterwards we will discuss the way forward.

Affiliate Members

After some requests by training section staff and another request by Max Bezzina to become/stay a member of EGATS the board decided to accept these colleagues that don‘t qualify as ordinary members as affiliate members. The annual fee will be 55 Euros and the joining fee will be waived, because affiliate members have less rights within EGATS compared to ordinary members. We decided as well to monitor for 1-2 years how many people will actually use this opportunity to make a decision to eventually extend their rights, e.g. using the flight-department.

Flight department

Jerry Smith was appointed as new chairman of the EGATS flight department. Together with Alessandro as general manager he will try to get some new deals with airlines.

Photo competition 2011

As in previous years the board agrees to sponsor the EGATS photo competition in 2011. The topic will be Streetlife.