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Summary of our EGATS Board Meeting 03.01.2011


The EGATS AGM will be on 06.04 at 20:00 in the MUAC canteen. We hope there will be at least as many members present as last year. Imoprtant topics will be CSS, FABEC and other workitems for 2011.


According to our info 3 sector supervisors will be continously planned until mid 2012. We are still very sceptical towards this project and talked to the project managers about our worries. We will continue to monitor.


The state agreement was signed and normally the social dialogue should start next. However there are some difficuties in MARC and as well with the FABEC governments, who seem to do their own thing without involving the unions. With the Spanish situation in the back of our minds, we have to be extremely careful and monitor each step. We have to be prepared for everything.

Conditional licensing

This new project was presented to the board. We will follow the project and give further details when applicable.


In 2010, we stayed within budget. Further info will be available at the AGM.

Away day/Flight department

We would like to thank Steven Pelsmaekers, who expressed his desire to step down as chairman of the flight department, for his work in the last years. He did a great job in a very difficult environment, when so many deals were cancelled. On our Away day in Frankfurt we will try to revive our contacts with Lufthansa and try to get a new deal.

We wish you all the best for 2011!