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Summary EGATS Board Meeting 02NOV2010


We are participating in the safety case and in the FHA a long list of hazards was listed. This is normal for such a process. We will continue to critically follow the process and try to steer the CSS in the best possible direction. Even after we informed management about all the negative effects we fear the project could have, they still want to go ahead. Maybe TUEM can put more pressure, but we think it will not be possible to stop the project.


After a few letters management finally invited us to a meeting. Please read the joint communication at our notice board for more info. We will continue to follow the whole cross-training-process. In the future we will be invited to participate more and earlier in safety related projects.


The briefings given during the refresher training were perceived well and the observers for the next round will be trained in December.


At the moment Germany is isolating itself from the other FABEC states. We have to see how this will develop. In principle the European Commission recognised MARC to participate in the social dialogue, despite the objections of ETF.

Mistakes in new paper-license

The wrong ELPAC dates will be corrected beginning of next year and level 5 will finally be recognised as well. We were told that the dates when the licence was issued cannot be corrected, as before the generic date which it states now we only had a Certificate of Competence and not a licence. However MUAC can hand out an official document when the rating was acquired. We plan to ask for all members to receive this document.

Medicals - eye tests

The new eye tests where you receive the drops widening your pupils are not a requirement for the Class 3 medical and in our opinion can be refused. We will ask management to investigate and communicate this. As well we will continue to push to be allowed to visit a doctor of your choice having the necessary rating to do a class 3 medical.

MUAC Football Team

We received a request to sponsor the new jerseys for the MUAC Football Team. The board decided to take over 50% of the costs (approximately 650 €).

Flight department

Steven expressed his desire to step down as chairman of the flight department due to lack of time to travel to negotiate possible airline deals. Jerry will take over in time and get in touch with the relevant people of the airlines. A delegation of 2 people shall travel and meet with these people. Where necessary EGATS days shall be used and travel expenses will be covered.