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Summary of our EGATS Board Meeting 25.08.2010


We are currently discussing our points of concern with management and have a meeting planned in September. One first result is the trial phase that started already in which the Hannover and Brussels sectors do not have to move anymore during the night. We plan to publish more information afterwards.


Generally the board is not against the project, however we have several serious concerns regarding how the cross training is done, and how the competency/license can be maintained. We will draft a letter of concern and hope to be invited by management to talk about these issues as well.


Some meetings are planned in the next days where we will be presented the new criteria for the new round of observations planned for this winter. Before every ATCO will receive a briefing about EUROSS.


We are curious to hear about the vision of the MUAC management which we should all receive via our line management as announced by the director a few
days ago.

Mistakes in new paper-license

We will ask for an update on when the mistakes will be corrected.

International Day of the Controller

We would like to do something special on 20.10.10. If you have any ideas and would like to give some input please don‘t hesitate and contact the board.


Our new shipment of Polos and T-shirts arrived. We have now as well black T-shirts with white print. An e-link announcement will follow.


We are still looking for volunteers after 04.09.10 Please contact Michael Ott (H4) if you can help shopping the condiments for one weekend.