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Knowledge of how ATC works is not needed to run an airline!

Reacting to a possible strike by Spanish Air Traffic Controllers, Ryanair's Stephen McNamara drivelled the following:

“Air transport and tourism is vital to the Spanish economy and the Government must ensure that Spanish airports remain open during strikes by calling on the military to provide air traffic control services. While air traffic controllers have the right to strike, these actions should not be allowed to disrupt the travel plans of millions of Spanish citizens or visitors.

The Government must keep Spain’s vital airports and air traffic control services open even during periods of industrial disruption. This happens in many other European countries when strikes threaten air transport and it should happen in Spain as well so that innocent air passengers are not blackmailed or held to ransom by Spanish transport workers.

Spanish Air Traffic Control strikes and the industrial action taken by French ATC workers in recent weeks highlights the urgent need for a standardised Europe-wide system of air traffic control to ensure that striking air traffic controllers in one country could not hold the travelling public to ransom. Under a standardised Europe-wide ATC strikes would be covered by controllers in other countries so that passengers are not disrupted by strike action of very well paid ATC workers.”

Perhaps Mr. McNamara (and probably Mr. O'Leary) should brush up on their history:

Mid-air collision kills 68