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Summary EGATS Board Meeting 22.06.2010

Night licence: According to our information the project was stopped.

EUROSS: It will be one of the topics in our new FORUM. There will be a new phaseof observations starting at the end of this year with controllers this time. The results of the first round will be in the summer edition of the OUTPUT.

CSS/CNS: We had a very long and good discussion about the project and theconsequences. The board thinks very critically about it and decides to make it atopic in the FORUM as well. As well we plan to write a letter explaining our view/ concern.

The CONTROLLER magazine: We will start using the option of directly mailing thecopies to members in our outside station. For that we will try to find a contactperson in each.

FORUM: The FORUM is set up and only needs some advertisement.(

OUTPUT: We will start with the proofreading today and plan to print at the end ofJune.

RRT: The minutes of the last meeting are available in the meantime. As well TUEM is talking to management about the next phase for 2011.

Mistakes in paper licence: The board is still waiting for management to correct it.